The KeepAlive KA900-O2 Stainless Steel Oxygen Regulator has been designed to provide a constant flow of oxygen from the cylinder, directly to the oxygen diffuser. The unique angle of the KA900-O2 allows it to install parallel to the oxygen cylinder, and provides compact storage. To increase the oxygen flow, turn the selector knob from "0" to a desired setting. Each oxygen regulator is equipped with an internal pressure relief valve that will prevent over-pressurization of the regulator. The KeepAlive  Oxygen Regulator is specifically  designed for industrial oxygen service only. Use of this regulator for gases other than compressed industrial oxygen up to 2500 PSIG, is prohibited, and any user must assume all liabilities and consequences.



Never stand in front of a cylinder outlet or regulator when operating the cylinder valve. Remove the two protective covers from the 540 Valve Nipple and the Hose Barb before attempting to connect to a cylinder. DO NOT REMOVE THE 5/8" DIAMETER  DUST COVER FROM THE SIDE OF THE REGULATOR NEXT TO THE HOSE BARB. IT IS THERE TO HELP PREVENT CONTAMINATION. REFER TO THE  SAFETY TIPS AND WARNINGS BEFORE PROCEEDING FURTHER. Be sure to properly inspect both the cylinder and regulator for any signs of grease and oil. If grease or oil is suspected or found, do not use this device


1. Check to be sure that the valve on the cylinder is off.
2. In a clockwise direction, thread the regulator inlet nut onto the cylinder valve.
3. Tighten the inlet nut on the regulator by hand to the cylinder.
4.  If oxygen is escaping at the regulator inlet after completing STEP 2, proceed to STEP 3 and then re-tighten. Many times the regulator has not been tightened sufficiently by hand.


1. Before turning on the oxygen cylinder valve, check to be sure that the regulator is in the "0" position.
2. Stand behind the cylinder so that the cylinder is between you and the regulator. Remember: Never stand in front of a cylinder outlet or regulator when opening the cylinder valve.
3. Begin turning the cylinder valve counter-clockwise VERY SLOWLY to open the valve.
4. If you suspect a leak, turn the cylinder valve off and relieve the pressure by turning the flow selector knob clockwise and wait for the oxygen flow to stop. Then, turn the regulator off by turning the selector knob to the "0" position. Remove the regulator from the cylinder. Call your KeepAlive Dealer.


1. With the regulator still ON, turn the oxygen cylinder valve in a clockwise direction to OFF.
2. Allow the regulator to bleed off pressure by observing the pressure gauge.
3. When the pressure gauge reaches zero, the regulator may be removed from the cylinder.


1. Your KeepAlive regulator uses a special O-ring to connect to the oxygen cylinder. It has a thinner width to fit its’ groove properly. When replacing the O-ring, do not roll the O-ring onto the grove. Hook the O-ring onto one side of the groove and it over to the other side of the groove. Extra O-rings may be ordered from KeepAlive.                                                     
2. Your KeepAlive regulator will last many seasons of fishing if maintained properly. Always keeping your equipment in the KeepAlive STORAGE BAG even during use, will reduce damaging moisture and spray.
3. Wipe down with a clean, soft cloth. If contaminated, the regulator should be taken out of service immediately. At a minimum this oxygen regulator should be inspected and tested to your state's regulations and guidelines, and more often if required to ensure safety.




Operating Pressure: 500 to 2500PSIG

Outlet Pressure: 50 PSI

LPM Settings: OFF, 1/32, 1/16, ⅛, 1/4, ½, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, 2, and 4 liters per minute.

Inlet Configuration:     CGA 540 Nut and Nipple
Outlet Configuration:  Barbed Outlet for direct attachment of tubing.


1. Never use oil or grease with this oxygen regulator.

2. Never use oxygen around or near an open flame.

3. Never smoke in an area where oxygen is in use.

4. Never use oxygen near boat bilges or where gasoline fumes may be present.

5. Never use industrial oxygen from a cylinder without reducing the pressure through a regulator intended for that specific gas.

6. Never force connections that do not fit properly.

7. Never permit gases to suddenly enter a regulator.

8. Refill cylinders slowly to prevent excessive heat build-up and possible damage to cylinders.

9. Keep out of reach of children.

10. Always be sure that all fittings and threads are matched and properly for the gas intended.

11. Never use oxygen as a pressure source to clear an obstructed line or to operate pneumatic tools.

12. Always keep the oxygen cylinder secured.

Do not use organic-based thread sealant on any part of this regulator. This oxygen regulator is equipped with an internal relief valve designed to relieve excess pressure should the regulator malfunction. This relief valve is designed to operate only as a means of a warning signal. Should a malfunction occur, turn off the cylinder valve immediately and disconnect the regulator. Do not attempt to operate the oxygen regulator, unless you are properly trained.


KeepAlive  warrants that the manufactured components of the product furnished hereunder shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover failure resulting from immersion, contamination, accidental damage, misuse or operation not in accordance with the instructions provided. To keep this warranty in effect, all repairs must be performed by KeepAlive.  This warranty is null and void if unauthorized repairs are attempted or performed. After receipt of product, KeepAlive will evaluate and determine whether or not the repair is covered by warranty. For repair service of any kind, you must first call for a return materials authorization (RMA). This RMA # must appear on the outside of the box. Any shipment received without an RMA on the outside will be refused. You should enclose a description of the problem. Repairs are subject to a flat labor rate per regulator. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Returns are not accepted after 30 days from date of purchase or if product has been used.

KeepAlive, Inc.’s obligations specifically exclude any liability whatsoever for claims by the purchaser or user, or any other persons or parties:

  1. In respect of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  2. For any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use, or as a result of a malfunction of the equipment.
  3. For personal injury or any medical or disability claims or for compensation arising therefrom.

 This warranty and the conditions, limitations and exclusions is accepted by the purchaser as the only authorized and applicable warranty and that there are no other warranties or conditions, oral or written, expressed or implied.

Because of the harsh unforeseen conditions that the KeepAlive Oxygen Regulator may be subjected to, the KA900-O2 regulator is also covered by a limited-lifetime warranty. If a problem is found at any time and caused by any reason including, but not limited to, accidental damage and contamination, return the regulator to KeepAlive and receive a new replacement KeepAlive Oxygen Regulator for $90.00 plus shipping. To qualify, all regulator parts must be included with the regulator and the serial number must be legible. This warranty is non-transferable and is assigned to original purchaser only.

You must first call KeepAlive at 1-727-841-0407 and give the customer service representative a valid credit card number and obtain a Replacement Regulator Authorization Number (RRA). This RRA number must appear on the outside of the box containing the returned regulator. Any shipments received without an RRA number will be refused. A new replacement KeepAlive Oxygen Regulator will be shipped out the next business day. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY REPAIRS, OR REPLACEMENT OF ANY PARTS BE PERFORMED BY ANYONE EXCEPT KeepAlive.

KeepAlive, Inc., P.O. Box 19552, Tarpon Springs, Florida,   1-727-841-0407